Welcome to Spudstalker.ninja

I've had some form of personal website up for years now. It all started waaaayyy before I had anything really worthwhile to write about, back in junior high school, with GeoCities, and it escalated from there.

I wouldn't call myself a web developer or even designer, I simply know how to get what I want accomplished done.

With that being said, on to the content.

I have had some sort of hobby ever since I owned my own tools. From making cannons to amateur radio (unlicensed, of course), I've always had my fingers in something. A lot of times my hobbies cross paths as well.

My main interest is electronics... though you wouldn't know it from the lack of it on this site.

I've also built a lot of cannons... and I mean a lot. It used to be my primary hobby in high school and the beginning of college. It seems like a stupid hobby to have, but you've got to admit that driving golfballs through 1-1/2" total of plywood with $40 worth of parts and materials is somewhat satisfying.

I also generally like to hang out in the sun and other outdoorsy whatnots. I run (usually I attempt to run at least 15 miles a week), enjoy hiking , and enjoy spending time on the beach when I can. I used to do landscaping and should probably take it easy on the sun (or at least use sunscreen), but I still haven't gotten around to it.

This web site is merely to jot down little things I find interesting or helpful. Please feel free to ignore it in its entirety.