The following are some spudgun related links I have decided to prudent to include in this section. They run the gambit from personal sites to communities. Note that some pages are archived... some links and images may not work, just play around with it.


A French spudgun community with lots of quality projects. Dead.
Easily the most active Spudgun-related forums/community on planet earth.
Spudtech Forums (archived)Locked down for some reason.
Formerly the most active spudgun forum. Bit the bullet in 2007, f'ing RIP in Pies Spudtech.

Personal Sites

Boogieman's personal site... a pretty old classic as far as online spudding literature goes.
Burnt Latke
A very, very old... but great site focusing on combustion launchers.
D. Hall's site (archived)
D. Hall's site, home of the Hybrid and Gas Gun Design Tools. Mysterious creator of Vera (yeah yeah, a link in a list of links...)
gbcannon.com (archived)
Pneumatic genius clide's (Bryce's) site.
James P. Sluka's site
Spudfile's and Spudtech member jimmy101's site.
KlugeBoy (archived)
It's a shame most images don't work... this guy's work got me into my current build style.
The Loose Cannon
Old SpudTech member aturner's website, a good tutorial on golfball barrel. Dead.
NeoSpud (archived)
Old Spudtech forum member Mr.Plow's website.
Plasticex009 (archived)
A pretty informative pneumatic website containing an interesting section on hydraulic pressure testing.
PVC Ballistics (archived)
An older member of the community, and web designer currently.
Toolies (archived)
Home of the Toolie's style piston valve... a unique way to create compact piston-valved launchers.
Xinventions (archived)
A pretty old site hosting some pneumatic cannons.