Duffel Bag Combustion

This is the last cannon I built before heading off to boot camp... it breaks down and fits into a duffel bag... not much else to say.

Many thanks for the design go to the original design creator, sgort87 of spudfiles.com. I merely added some electronics and an extra barrel section.

Also, excuse the floral bedspread and other girly room adornments... I took these pictures in a guest bedroom at the time...

In the bag Broken down Halfway there... Assembled

For controlling the fan, I opted to have the batteries in the original housing, and simply pass a pair of contacts for the batteries (made with a piece of cardboard and aluminum foil) out the casing and through a pair of threaded rods and a machine screw into the "switch box".

Adding a third screw was necessary to get an illuminated fan switch.

Switch box Switch off Switch on