Tuesday 20161004

I've changed the layout a little (lot), bringing it more inline with the capabilities of modern browsers.

It's still not as slick and backwards-incompatible as JQuery/Bootstrap, but I think it looks good. Of course, let me know if you have any gripes.

I've also made it more accessible, using a screen reader to test this. Of course, there are a few quirks and things I haven't fixed, but it's a lot better than it was. Future to-do's include "skip navigation" links and more accessible tables/lists, along with heavy use of the "role" element.

Stay tuned.

Thursday 20160929

Welcome to version 1.0 of SpudStalker's simple tagging system... handled all offline, of course.

Thursday 20160929

Some more changes on the back-end.

We now have "pretty" HTML markup through the use of "indent=x" attributes on some of our templating tags.

Also, I changed the CSS around (a lot) to bring it inline with best practices and also to be a little more mobile friendly with CSS @media queries. Nothing really fancy, it simply stacks the main block level elements of the site instead of floating them in the order they appear semantically in the markup (which isn't necessarily the order they are displayed on a desktop/laptop).

Stay tuned for more substantial changes.

Monday 20160912

And now, we're operating only on standard UNIX utilities like awk for content generation.

Friday 20160909

I've done away with Bootstrap.

I know, I know, this whole page looks like a flip-flopper's life story, but there was a reason for it. Mainly setting Content Security Policy headers, the non-free usage of the font glyphicons, etc., etc.

Anyway, I also did some squirreling around on the backend, and migrated to Let's Encrypt's certificate authority, given its recent popularity, and the fact that I've been waiting for something like it to come along for a few years now...

Also, I've upgraded the server. It's still on the same cloud-computing platform, however. I simply moved to Debian testing with grsecurity/PaX on the back-end for a little better security in the coming months as I add some more dynamic content.

Stay tuned.

Sunday 20160228

Well, I've given in, and decided to use Bootstrap for templating this site.

Other than that, not much has changed in the way of content. More on that coming soon.