Saturday 20171230

Farewell, SATE. You will be missed.

Monday 20171218

Well, ever since I revamped this site back in 2014, my "workspace", or at least the folder containing previous versions of SpudStalker, looked something like this:

A messy folder full of subfolders like 'Version xxx'

I finally, finally got around to doing something I should have done from the beginning... using git to handle version control.

My current git log

It was also interesting going back through the site's earlier versions (something I could have done anytime previously, I just never bothered) and seeing how the content has changed. There are certainly a couple of pages I regret posting and I'm glad haven't been archived elsewhere, and of course the appearance has at least gotten a little better with time.

Again, this is a "meh" change, but it's starting to make things a lot easier to maintain. Also, my web folder went from 5.1 GB to 338 MB... not too shabby.

Friday 20171215

Alright, alright, alright already.

As you can(not) probably tell, the site has been bouncing back and forth between a few different templates/styles (when does it not?) over the past few days. What happened is I have been torn over what to leave in and what to take out.

Earlier, I had matched the site's styling to this site, as I figured less design is actually more.

However, navigation is still something that plagues me, and something the author of the above site, or any of the other "the web is perfect don't fuck with it" people don't address. The obvious answer is to use inline linking (like we all did back in the 90's) for navigation, but this creates a mess I don't feel like I have the energy to maintain. I can't, for the life of me, figure out a way to include a long-ass list of links at the top of the site, no matter how structured and truncated for different sections.

What I (think) I've finally wound up with, is a simple single-column design which renders well on both the monitor and phone screen. It's uses javaScript to tuck away the navigation tree when it's available, and falls back (I think) gracefully to the original always visible truncated-tree version when it's disabled. Furthermore, it uses session cookies to remember the expansion status of the menu, and also works in a reduced fashion when cookies are disabled (although not many people disable session cookies), i.e. the links simply get hidden with each new page on unintelligent user-agents.

I think I'm finally done with worrying about how this site looks. The current style looks good (in my opinion) on a variety of screens, doesn't break (completely) on older user agents, and even prints cleanly.

Expect to see more content in the future, and less design changes. I have recently re-written SATE to simplify it, allow more flexible usage, and wrote some basic documentation on it. I have a few more ideas for scripts I want to publish which will probably go up next.

In the meantime, please excuse the ever-changing nature of how the site has looked over the past few weeks.

Friday 20171201

Finally got off my ass and re-arranged content to follow a hierarchical structure, using folders to group related content.

It sounds basic, but forever, I've simply been placing all pages in the same folder.

Friday 20171124

Same old song and dance. New style, same old content.

Also, after nearly 11 years of running this website (or one like it), I finally ran the whole thing through a spell checker, finding gems like "interial", "Enhacned", "ect.", etc. Hopefully, I can do better in the future.

Tuesday 20170523

The site has been down for the last week or so, as I migrated from my unstable, overly patched debian/grsec server running lighttpd to a more "vanilla" one. No content has changed, and the HPKP pins remain the same.