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Tuesday 20170523

The site has been down for the last week or so, as I migrated from my unstable, overly patched debian/grsec server running lighttpd to a more "vanilla" one. No content has changed, and the HPKP pins remain the same.

Tuesday 20161004

I've changed the layout a little (lot), bringing it more inline with the capabilities of modern browsers.

It's still not as slick and backwards-incompatible as JQuery/Bootstrap, but I think it looks good. Of course, let me know if you have any gripes.

I've also made it more accessible, using a screen reader to test this. Of course, there are a few quirks and things I haven't fixed, but it's a lot better than it was. Future to-do's include "skip navigation" links and more accessible tables/lists, along with heavy use of the "role" element.

Stay tuned.

Thursday 20160929

Some more changes on the back-end.

We now have "pretty" HTML markup through the use of "indent=x" attributes on some of our templating tags.

Also, I changed the CSS around (a lot) to bring it inline with best practices and also to be a little more mobile friendly with CSS @media queries. Nothing really fancy, it simply stacks the main block level elements of the site instead of floating them in the order they appear semantically in the markup (which isn't necessarily the order they are displayed on a desktop/laptop).

Stay tuned for more substantial changes.

Monday 20160919

Welcome to version 1.0 of SpudStalker's simple tagging system... handled all offline, of course.

Monday 20160912

And now, we're operating only on standard UNIX utilities like awk for content generation.

Friday 20160909

I've done away with Bootstrap.

I know, I know, this whole page looks like a flip-flopper's life story, but there was a reason for it. Mainly setting Content Security Policy headers, the non-free usgage of the font glyphicons, etc., etc.

Anyway, I also did some squirreling around on the backend, and migrated to Let's Encrypt's certificate authority, given its recent popularity, and the fact that I've been waiting for something like it to come along for a few years now...

Also, I've upgraded the server. It's still on the same cloud-computing platform, however. I simply moved to Debian testing with grsecurity/PaX on the back-end for a little better security in the coming months as I add some more dynamic content.

Stay tuned.

Sunday 20160228

Well, I've given in, and decided to use Bootstrap for templating this site.

Other than that, not much has changed in the way of content. More on that coming soon.

Saturday 20150704

I have converted my previous "link" approach to serving video to using the HTML5 "video" tag and Javascript for on-the-fly bitrate selection.

It should work in any modern browser, including mobile ones.

Your browser needs to support HTML5 video, first of all, and either the WEBM or MP4 containers.

Future upgrades are on the "back-end" and include a video tag for simple page editing.

Hopefully, this will lead to more video content on the site.

Wednesday 20150624

I have added some more content to the "My Launchers" section, in an attempt to showcase some earlier works I think were important (to me).

Tuesday 20150616

I've updated the template over the past few days to something a little more modern. It utilizes PNG and alpha blending pretty heavily so it will only work with relatively modern browsers, but so far nothing breaks too horribly on the most popular ones.

It brings the size per page load up a decent margin but I'm not too worried about it since it's only three images and they're the same for every page.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more actual content.

Saturday 20150606

Well, the good old offline templating method that has been used since nearly the very beginning has been replaced.

I completely re-wrote the site to work with Jekyll, purely for the reason that I may use the blogging features at some point in the future.

This should not affect anything, I changed the template when I did this which is why the site may look slightly different.

Monday 20150525

I added a few videos to random pages on the site... they're WEBM so they'll play in pretty much any modern browser, except for Safari and Internet Explorer... I guess you'll just have to wait for the developers of those to get onboard with HTML5 video as it's supposed to be.

Monday 20150525

Nothing much new. Changed the template around a little bit and added an errata section for random stuff.

Saturday 20150509


Wednesday 20150430

Finally got around to adding a SSL certificate to the site, so https should work with no problems now (self-signed certificates were used in the past).

With this in mind, I went ahead and also enabled HSTS, so you should be seeing https:// in your address bar right now.

Have fun.

Sunday 20150425

Well, there's been a few changes...

The first big one is something you can't even see, and has to do with the back-end of things (on my laptop where I generate the HTML for this site). Let's just say the offline templating method outlined here is now a little out of date. However, I plan on simply releasing the script I use to generate this site sometime in the future anyway. The scripts are now a lot more flexible and "general purpose" and allow recursive menu's like the one on the left...

Speaking of which, the old JQuery method of collapsing and expanding menu items has been removed for static HTML. This allows a more concise menu on browsers not supporting javascript.

When I get around to it (it's a little on the late side here seeing as I have other stuff to do) I'll be replacing the div-based menu with a more simplistic ul/li one, for better semantic markup, but a CBF'd now.

Other than than, little changes have occured... I do plan on adding Something Awful smilies to this site sometime soon, so stand by for that...

Sunday 20150405 is now an XMPP server. There's a 24 delay between registering multiple accounts per IP to keep down on spam accounts. When you're in, there's only one chat room.

Little vague? It's supposed to be.

Update 20150426: I have recently removed this functionality, after several weeks and no registrations. I guess nobody likes me...

Wednesday 20141224

As you can obviously see, the "Contact" link has been replaced with one "Blog" link. Go there.

Tuesday 20141216

Changes coming...

The current status of this website doesn't allow for much interaction. Let's face it, it's 2014, people don't email anymore. Including a page with an email address for feedback just isn't sufficient.

However, I don't feel like paying the server bills for a server with enough of a backbone to handle any serious traffic.

Rather, this site is fixing to include a blog, which will be hosted somewhere else and simply pointed here with DNS.

Also, there's been some slight templating changes in the meantime. Trying to bring this site into the mainstream...

Stay tuned.

Saturday 20141206

Well, back to the old ways.

Back to static XHTML. Only tricks are JQuery for navigation aids/animation/etc.

My system for "compiling" the website, however, has only gotten better over time. It's as simple as editing a page in a database, adding any images/external links I need, and running a single script, which generates a static copy of the site locally.

I'm looking at doing a writeup on it here soon, along with maybe putting up a couple of templates I've worked on as well.

Wednesday 20141126

I added a (optional) MathML version of my pages which are a little math-intensive (combustion and hybrid fueling pages). I also replaced the old tables-based formula layout with images for the non-MML version.

Right now, it's only presentational MathML. If I feel the urge to make it semantic MML, for whatever reason, I will work on that sometime much further in the future.

As I add more electronics pages, I feel like this will become more of a thing... not that it will be anything really new.

As always, stay tuned...

Sunday 20141123

A little more touchup with the navigation and template/style.

I also added a page on an ignition coil driver I intend to build over the Christmas break.

Tuesday 20141118

Well, I've changed everything... again!

Went back to server-side scripting for a lot of the workload, as well as integrating JQuery for things like animation and navigation tree/block minimizing/maximizing... Also plan on adding some additional functionality like comments/etc.

Stay tuned...

Saturday 20141108

More nerd stuff...

I switched to using JQuery for the client-side navigation stuff...

Hopefully, this will add a little more gloss.

Also, I simplified my template... should be "minimal" enough for today's tastes...

Thursday 20141106

Well, I changed everything... again.

I switched to static html (generated locally on my laptop using a simple shell script and "templates", with javascript-based navigation.

Hopefully, this should prove a little less taxing on the server, and provide for less attack vectors (not that I'm too worried about that).

Sunday 20141005

We're live people!

Saturday 20141004

Well, I finally got off my ass and put this site together... as of now, it's living on a local development environment (Apache, MySQL, PHP) on my laptop... I'll probabaly get around to uploading it sometime this weekend or later during the week if I have any free time.

I went a little out of the way in making this site... it's a lot "glossier" than I would like, but the overwhelming opinion is that the original version was too simple.

Stay tuned.