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Or Why I'm Vegan

First up... I'm sorry. I was wrong.

No, not about that.

I'm still very much vegan. However, my reasonings have changed quite a bit.

Health is Irrelevant

When looking at vegan YouTube channels, websites, etc., you will see a lot of heatlh claims.

A lot of health claims. Things which may be true and lots of things which are ridiculous.

I promise you, I have not gained or lost a pound the entire time I was vegan. I don't wake up rejuvenated every day without meat or dairy. I still get colds at about the same rate I did when I was an omnivore. I still use sunscreen because I don't believe my diet has magical anti-cancer/aging properties. Etc., etc.

Mind you, I was healthy before I went vegan. If anything, I'm getting a little slower on my run times as I age and I lose free time to exercise as much as I used to.

However, that doesn't matter. Maybe a few weeks or a couple of months into my journey to become a vegan it would have, if I let people get to me, but I didn't.

Original Reasonings?

You see, this is all because I originally became vegan for all of the wrong reasons. I wanted to shave a few minutes off of my 3-mile... I wanted to have clear, tan skin. I wanted to have sex with some hot vegan chicks, the list goes on and on.

It was only a few months ago (it has been about 10 months since I went vegan at the time of writing this article) that I started thinking a little more critically.

Why You Should Stay Vegan... Or Become Vegan

The thing is, veganism is still a viable way to live, and even a viable form of activism. I still think killing or exploiting animals is wrong. I still think eating their byproducts is wrong. I still think wearing leather, wool, silk, etc. is wrong (although I am forced to a lot in my job).


So what's the whole point of this?

That last point is very important. There are several influential vegans who describe themselves as legitimately misanthropic. This is neither welcoming, encouraging, or even tolerable to others, and in effect makes them, in fact, not even vegan.


It is my sincere hope that you, the reader, try veganism. It is not difficult, but in the meantime, try to educate yourself using resources other than YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.